Fathers Day 2014

The origin of Father’s Day doesn’t date back anywhere near as far as that of Mother’s Day, as it came about in the 20th Century to complement the historical day dedicated to praising motherhood. In contrast to Mother’s Day, Father’s Day wasn’t initially welcomed into the calendar, due to the fact that it doesn’t have the same religious connection.

The idea was even mocked by many groups in western society. However, it eventually caught on, especially in the commercial world, and has become a recognised day for celebrating everything your dad does for you.

Father’s Day is usually held in the third week of June across the world, where it is celebrated in a variety of different ways. For example, in India, schools organise cultural programs on the day to teach the younger generation the value of respecting their fathers. In Australia, a group in the state of Victoria, The Father’s Day Council, mark the occasion by presenting a ‘Father of the Year’ award. And, in Germany, Father’s Day is known as ‘men’s day,’ and is celebrated across the country.

It is tradition for a group of males to go on a hiking tour, towing a small wagon full of beer, wine and traditional food, and use the occasion to get a little merry with their friends! Of course, those with families will choose to spend it with them, and will be given presents by the children in the same way as they do in the UK.

There are endless ways for children to present their fathers with gifts showing their love and affection.

Younger children keen on arts and crafts could always make their fathers a card themselves; perhaps with hand prints and foot prints from the really young ones or a personal message from those just learning to write.

The older kids could go out and find their own Father’s Day gifts which would be more suited to their age, perhaps in the form of a CD by dad’s favourite band or a comedy DVD they could watch together.

As children get older, it becomes increasingly important for dads to bond with them and guide them into adulthood, so presents allowing them to spend time together work really well. Father’s Day is the perfect occasion for family time, so a meal out at a fancy restaurant might go down a treat.

Or, alternatively, the surprise of his favourite takeaway when he gets in from work will make the day stand out from any other.

Whereas presenting your mother with flowers alone could make her day memorable, it could be said that dads a little more difficult to please. But that doesn’t mean that ideas are scarce – and a more joking take on the occasion may be a way to make them feel good if you’re stuck for ideas.

Many dads would appreciate a humorous card with an inside joke to do with how much money they have to spend on their kids or a joke about their favourite hobby.

A badge that says ‘world’s greatest dad,’ should go down well, and can be shown off wherever they go on the day. And joke gifts such as silly hats or ties are always a great idea, if you’re struggling to find an emotive gift that will make the same impact flowers have on a mum. If you’re looking for a way to really show your love, then there’s always the option of an unnecessarily large cuddly bear from daddy’s little girl. Why not organise for delivery straight to dad’s office, wrapped specially in a ribbon with a big oversized card!

Shopping online is a great way to find the perfect gift for a father, if you have your own ideas of what they’d like. There are thousands of websites online where you can hunt for presents. From DVDs, CDs and books to clothes, sports equipment and gadgets – there really is no limit to what you can find.

Gifts bought online often come at a discounted price and delivery within the UK is reasonable. On particular websites there’s even the option for the present to be specially gift-wrapped and delivered straight to the door.

There are also examples of trips and day experiences that make great Father’s Day gifts, which are sure to make the day a memorable one. These could include an exclusive test drive of a sports car, a tour of a football stadium of their favourite team or a theatre ticket for their favourite show. It’s all about making the present personal to them, so that ultimately they know you were thinking about them.

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